MicroAlgae Corp

MicroAlgae Corp


Microalgae;Savior of Health,Beauty,Provisions and Environment


Microalgae created the beautiful earth with lots of animate lives.
Microalgae produce oxygen by photosynthesis using carbon dioxide and light energy and sustain lots of animate lives as the beginning of food chain for 3.5 billion years.
Microalgae have a long history in human nutrition.  Since the 1950's microalgae have been a major focus of attention as a potential source of protein, liquid fuels, and fine chemicals.  Although initial work with microalgae focused mainly on protein productions for human and animal nutrition, economic needs changed the emphasis to high-value fine chemicals.
Recently there has been a growing interest in microalgae for biotechnology, human health, Environmental Preservation and bio-fuel particularly.
From “Petrochemical-dependent civilization” to “Phytochemical-dependent civilization”.  Microalgae are the Greatest Treasures in this Century.


10月1日、マイクロアルジェ・ハッサイ(髪菜)を応用した機能性シートキャンディ「ノストフラン」をリニューアル発売しました。先立つ9月25日には、岐阜商工会議所の主催による合同記者発表会にて発表し、新聞社数社からの取材を受けました。 商品に... つづきを読む


2014年9月19日、地元岐阜のケーブルテレビ局(チャンネル長良川)の取材を受けました。主としてノストフラン(機能性シートキャンディ)に関する内容です。放送日は未定ですが、決まり次第お知らせしますので、視聴可能な方はぜひご覧下さい。... つづきを読む

MAC Gifu Research Institute

MAC Gifu Research Institute specializes in R & D of microalgae.  Under the direction of Dr. Hiroyuki Takenaka (GM and Pr... つづきを読む


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